Coin Collecting - Penny

Coin Collecting, especially pennies are fun and inexpensive and have been the hobby of many people, old and young.  You can find a penny lying around the house, in the car, at the grocery store “leave a penny, get a penny” jar, or if you are a cashier, you would come across many old, valuable pennies.

Some penny facts:

    There is a picture of the United States 16th president, Abraham Lincoln on the front of the penny.         This was the first US coin ever had a president’s picture on it since 1909, celebrating the 100th             birthday of president Lincoln. If you find a penny made prior to 1958 you may have found a “wheat”         penny. There is a picture of two pieces of wheat along with the word “One Cent” and “United States     Of America” in the back of the penny. Since 1959, the wheat have been replaced with Lincoln             Memorial celebrating his 150th birthday. 

    The pennies made from 1909 – 1942, and from 1955-1961 were made with 95% copper, 5% tin &         zinc.

    Pennies made in 1943 is steel coated with zinc, so-called silver pennies

    From 1962-1982, pennies were made with 95% copper, 5% zinc

    From 1982 to present, pennies are made with 99.2% copper and 0.8% zinc.

If you are collecting the Lincoln cents for fun or for profit, there is software designed to help keep those coins organized and keep record detailed information about each of your Lincoln cents

I found some videos that might be interested to you.